Violence, Safety & Your Relationship With Police

  Personally, there’ve been only two real situations  I’ve been involved in where there was an imminent threat of death by violence. In one, a gun was in my face. The other, a gun was in my hand. The first incident was at a job and the individual was actually after a guy I carpooled with. He was dating a young lady whose ex didn’t get, or was confused by, … More Violence, Safety & Your Relationship With Police

Please Avoid This

Let me say this upfront: If you see your restaurant or a restaurant you like being used here for illustrative purposes I am not picking on them. Together we’re in one of the toughest businesses out there so first and foremost, Restaurant Winners’ aim is to present itself as a friend fellow operators. I don’t care how fancy or pedestrian your concept is … More Please Avoid This

Locations Revisited

For a change of atmosphere I switch up locations where I write and it’s often all over the city, including downtown at The Indianapolis City Market.  The usual routine is to arrive around 2pm  and after ordering a beer from the Tomlinson Tap Room, grab a seat on the mezzanine near an outlet.  It has to be after 2 o’clock because that’s when the bar … More Locations Revisited

The Ones That Get Away

Demographics 1mi 3mi 5mi Avg HH income $54,909 $77,013 $92,685 Daytime population 26,706 95,394 163,753 Households 4,823 25,417 58,913 Population 9,012 58,317 138,862 Daily traffic counts – 37,856 on Michigan Road and 40,638 on 86th Street 23,525 sf (with contiguous 6,000 sf) available at the primary retail intersection of NW Indianapolis, also drawing Carmel, Zionsville, and … More The Ones That Get Away

Dangers of $15/hr and the 2 things we really want.

Let’s say a single unit quick-service restaurant is open 12 hours per day, seven days a week. Minimum staffing consists  of:  (2) prep cooks for five hours in the morning, then (3) line cooks and (3) cashiers in the building from open to close. The pain is distributed thusly: (2)Prep cooks @ $15/hr.  for five hours = $150 (3)FOH  (3)BOH @ … More Dangers of $15/hr and the 2 things we really want.