Hustlers! Thieves!

  This counterfeit note hangs in our office as a reminder.  A reminder to pay attention.  When we played the tape back and saw the guy who passed it, it was actually kind of funny.  He stepped up to the register and sheepishly placed his order.  After fishing out his wallet and removing the bill with the fragility of  Ming dynasty pottery his look and … More Hustlers! Thieves!

Saying Goodbye To Those You Love

Those of us in foodservice frequently  deal with change, separation, and readjustments.   Guests come and go, staffs change, and sadly, eulogies delivered for concepts that enter and exit the marketplace. Everything has an ending and there comes a time when we say goodbye -or at the very least, see you later. Much later. It is indeed one of life’s great pleasures to … More Saying Goodbye To Those You Love

Is There A Perfect Time To Start Your Business?

It’s never too early to plan so the time to start your entrepreneurial dream is always now, or even yesterday.  Most people inevitably accept that working for themselves and calling their own shots is the only way to true career satisfaction and security.  Foodservice is one of the few options that offers a variety of … More Is There A Perfect Time To Start Your Business?

Use The 5% Rent Rule As A Predictor

    @RestaurantWin: Saw a listing for a 2500sf #Restaurant for sale in LA. Rent is $15,000/mo. You need 3.6MM/yr in sales to make this work. Is that doable?   I posed this question on Twitter after browsing  restaurant listings from different cities.  This particular one is in Los Angeles and the population and spending  power is there so I imagine it’s doable. Based … More Use The 5% Rent Rule As A Predictor